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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Craft Project- The Secret Box

I made a secret box for my 4 year old grand daughter....and who would have known that it was "the best thing EVER", lol. Those were her words.

It is made with a cigar box. First I took a square piece of felt and glued it on the top of the box, covered that with a quilt square of her favorite material, (I did not want buy a whole yard and have leftover), then I trimmed it out with lace. I put the nob on the top (more on that later) and glued an already finished piece of wood from JoAnn's or Michael's craft store...I can't remember which and then I lined the bottom of the inside with felt. BOOM, best secret box ever!!!

Well, the 2 year old loves it, too. She keeps getting into it, lol. Then the family went to Disney World last week and the girls came home with lots of trinkets.  Now the 2 year old wants her own. So yesterday I made another box.

Remember I told you I would get back to the knob. This time I drilled a small whole in the top first, then I used a tap with a sharp point to make a small hole in the material. Then took the whole punch to the felt and material and glued the felt and material on the box. Now you can screw the nob on. Take it from me this is easier and way smarter then trying to do it without the whole. Duh!!!

I decorated the second box with pink duck tape so she can finish it herself with stickers.

Let's see if she likes it!

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