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Monday, August 3, 2009

Vacation time

It was a time of rest and relaxation. I went with my husband to one of his training classes and it rained off and on. I enjoyed my morning walks but after lunch here came the rain. So I took out my watercolor crayons and started playing. If you have never played around with this, it is easy to use and

perfect to carry on your vacation. This was a box of 12, and 2 brushes and 5x7 watercolor paper. You color just like it is a crayon, then wet your brush and and start moving the watercolor around....instant watercolor.


Linda said...

Hi Vickie
Thank you for visiting me and leaving kind words.
I did Sarah Whitmire's Soul Journal class last year..... I guess thats how you found me?
Your drawings are very eyecatching...lovely colours.
Linda :-)

Nate said...

I love that fat Blue Bird!!! Looks like something from Bambi!!! Nice work mom!!!