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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Halloween Gang!

Well, I did it!!! 

As some of you might know I have just started making Paper Clay dolls. This is all new to me so it really was fun. I had the support of a great group called "The Hive".  They have been so inspiring and a few helped me with some tricks of the trade. They are artist of all kinds and when you need help with anything, all you do is ask and someone will have the answer for you.

So now here it is....The Halloween Gang!!

My last two projects were the cat, who's name is Chester and the Candy Corn guy. The cat is made of syrofoam and paper clay and is attached to a box which is decorated with lace and buttons. 

Candy Corn guy is made of syrofoam and paper clay but his legs are wooden skewers.  I think he looks better in person cause he looks antique. I think the flash dulls him out and doesn't show all the wrinkles.  (Candy Corn Guys thinks he looks younger and sexier and chose this picture.)

I really don't know if he is completely done yet...he might get some arms and socks. We'll have to see if he will allow me to do that yet. 
He is just so excited about Halloween!!!


Laura Twiford said...

Vickie these are incredible! You really have a gift for working with this paper clay. I hope you get to sell them at the yard sale if you want but they look so cool together! Love the cat, you should be teaching!

Diana Evans said...

oh my heavens!!! these characters are amazing!!! what fun!!!