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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Halloween cat

A few people have asked how I made this picture. They feel it and can 't figure what it is made from because it is so bendable like leather. So here is the receipt: The secret is old paper and Golden Soft Gel Medium. I took a very old page from a torn up book and I put soft gel the back side to protect paper. I painted the front side with acrylics and to make it a little more layered I painted the cat on some acrylic paper then cute it out and used soft gel to glue it on. After I painted the front I also put soft gel on the front side to protect it and antiqued the sides with ink. Then I punched holes in the top and hung wire and ribbons from it.  I am planing to make more and sell them in a garage sell coming up soon since I have had such a great response on them. Maybe I will do some witches next! Happy crafting!

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