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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Work in progress

It's the Labor Day weekend so I sat down this evening and painted something that was a little different. I sketched this out but my hand at the top end of the pencil like a child might do. Then I painted gesso over it to make it a little scary looking. Now I am putting color in so I have some definition and hollow the eyes out a little more.  I am not sure how this is going to finish out, scary or just different. Stay tune to see the out come.
                                                             #1 - The beginning
#2 - Just a little different. Changed the shape of her face and put more color in.

#3 - Is she done????
       Anyone have some feedback????

Well, I have decided I like her so much that I am going to use some techniques that I have learned from my journal group, SoulJournaling which is a yahoo group. Sarah Whitmire teaches this group and has a few classes you can do for free. Sarah has been published several times in the Somerset Magazines. I have learned so much from this group. Please stop by and see what we are doing in this will love it.
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So stay tune with this project. It is going from a thin piece of paper that I was just playing around on to a cool picture that will be put on board next.  Stay tune.......


Mar said...

i like watching progession on projects!!!
she turned out fabulous...she is fun!

Paula said...

I like this !!!!!!

Auntie Eartha said...

I think your work in progress is contemplative, and if she gets a full eight hours' sleep, the dark circles will disappear and the edges of her mouth with perk up. Thank you for sharing a copy, which is on my kitchen wall ; ) —Auntie

Sarah Whitmire said...

Fabulous work! I loved seeing your process too. :)