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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Art Journal

I went to Art and Soul Retreat at the end of April and learned so much. I got home and organized my art area and put all my new goodies I bought. I wanted to create a project and notice I just don't have enough images, so I started searching on the internet. One thing led to another, images to blogs to magazines to the art stores to ebay. Ok, ebay was addicting! And that is a whole other story I will tell at another time.

I was reading a blog at collagedivatypepad/TrueNorth
which is a great blog for getting ideas to journal about. It was Signs and Serendipity. At the end there are suggestions on ideas and one of the ideas was to open a random book to a random page and be open to the message. Design a journal page about what you discovered. So I did just that, I opened a magazine and I found these words "The road ahead is merely a suggestion". This was a sign for what is going on in my life. Without using any pictures, I jumped in and did my first journal page.

To learn more on art journals go to


Mar said...

it is a great journal page
if you decide you want to get into the whole experience
2 of my favorite prompters
sarah whitmire
and kathryn
i know more reading

Melisa said...

Great page! The first of many, I predict! Surely, you are hooked now. ;)

KathrynAntyr said...

What a fabulous message to discover. I like how it puts the control in our hands ~ we can decide what road to take. Thank you so much for sharing this creative journey!

{soul hugs}